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Google Voice service now widely available in America

Google Voice is their voice over IP service which has just moved out of ‘invite only’ and is now widely available in the USA. This service offers a one-phone-number-for-all feature, cheaper calls from a computer or mobile phones, along with other services such as internet based voicemail.

Google Voice is their one number for all solution, where a single phone number is provided instead of one for the home, work and also mobile. People can then ring this number where all the phone numbers linked to that account can ring at once, saving the dialler the need to call each one separately until someone answers. This feature can be tailored down to certain phone numbers, the time of day and a whole host of other criteria too.

The key feature is the way Google Voice is integrated with email and the Internet. Voicemails can be left on a unique number, which is linked to a Gmail account and is delivered via an email where even a transcription of the message accompanies the audio file.

This and other features of Google Voice came from a company the Internet search engine giant acquired in 2007, called GrandCentral. This company offered the same single number as well as central voicemail inbox, which can be accessed and heard over the web – only Google has expanded the service even more.

Applications for using Google Voice are already available for Android and Blackberry mobiles, where other phone operating systems have access to the mobile Google Voice website. This service is currently only available in America, but Google is looking to bring its features to other countries where the UK is bound to be on their radar.

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