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Google Wi-Fi Capture To Be Probed By UK Police

Google is being investigated by UK police over its collection of data from unsecured Wi-Fi connections in the country.

The Metropolitan police have issued the case with the crime reference number 2318672/10, indicating that the force could soon begin probing the incident, the Guardian has reported.

The Metropolitan police issued the investigation number on Tuesday following increasing pressure from Privacy International, a London-based privacy agency which claims to have received numerous complaints from the public.

According to a spokesperson for the Scotland Yard, the police has opened an investigation into the complaints, but has not confirmed if it has grounds to suspect that any of the offences alleged by the public or privacy groups has been committed.

The police plan to interrogate Google's staff to discover the person responsible for the alleged mistake.

Google has insisted that interception of unsecured wireless networks happened by accident, after a code was inadvertently inserted into the system. The company has offered to delete all the Wi-Fi data it has collected.