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HP Launches StoreOnce Deduplication Software

Hewlet-Packard (HP) has announced that its data back-up software StoreOnce will be integrated into all of its future storage products.

HP's data duplication software StoreOnce was announced with the EVA Cluster and P48000 BladeSystem on Monday, with the opening of the HP Tech Forum 2010 in Las Vegas.

The software is unique in the storage market as it caters to nearly all backup clients, virtual appliances, inline appliances, and scaled-out storage systems, searching out duplicated data and keeping a single, compressed copy for storage. It also comes with HP's D2D backup systems built in.

Senior vice president of HP's Storage Works Division, Dave Roberson, said: "We're starting out in backup and over the next year we'll be able to introduce end-to-end de-duplication. Nobody else is doing this."

Dave Donatelli, HP's executive vice president of enterprise servers, storage and networking, called StoreOnce "the most significant storage announcement we've made in at least five years."

StoreOnce's main aim is to improve the performance of de-duplication whilst decreasing the hardware required.