LinkedIn Gets Facebook-Style 'Like' Button

Professional social networking site LinkedIn has added a 'Like' button to its Groups service, the company has reported on its official blog.

By using the 'Like' button, users can show their appreciation for a discussion or shared content, and have it highlighted in their news feed.

Members who consistently contribute to Groups activities, and have a large number of followers, will be marked as "Top influences", making their 'Like' worth more than others.

Groups conversations have also been given a more professional look, by adding the link-sharing feature, already applied to the homepage, within the Groups page.

This feature will make it easier for the user to know about the professionals participating in a particular conversation, and will help them to browse through conversations and post comments.

Principle product manager at LinkedIn, Ian McCarthy, said: "We've made the conversations within groups similar to face-to-face professional interactions by removing the wall between original remarks and off-site content such as shared news articles."