LinkedIn Lays Out Expansion Plans

Professional social networking platform LinkedIn has laid out plans to expand through a series of acquisitions.

The company wants to increase its presence on mobile devices, reaching out to new users as well as introducing new and improved networking tools for its existing users.

LinkedIn, which currently has 70 million members, allows professionals from every sector of the economy to come together on a common platform to interact, hunt for jobs and search for prospective employees.

The company said that in order to stave off competition from social network platforms Twitter and Facebook, it plans to make acquisitions that will allow it to introduce new and interesting content to its website, especially features that make it easily accessible from mobile devices.

LinkedIn is moulding itself into an enterprise-centric social networking platform that will cater to all of users' business needs.

Speaking to Bloomberg Businessweek, CEO Jeff Weiner said: “Many people are interested in what we will be doing. The better we execute, the more options we have.”