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Mobile Broadband Fails To Live Up To Hype

A recent study conducted by price comparison website Broadband Expert has indicated at fall in mobile broadband subscriptions in the UK.

Broadband Expert suggests that the reason for the drop is that the do not live up to users' expectations.

The study reported a 57 per cent drop in the number of people subscribing to broadband services via Broadband Expert.

Sales of mobile broadband services, which were estimated at around 3,000 in May 2009, fell to just 1,300 in May 2010.

Broadband Expert also cited data released by search intelligence agency Hitwise, which showed a fall in 50 per cent in mobile broadband-related internet searches in the UK.

Rob Webber, Broadband Expert’s commercial director, said (opens in new tab): “Sadly the technology has not lived up to the hype; we receive a huge amount of feedback from customers complaining of inconsistent or non-existent connections and speeds comparable to dial-up or worse.”

Webber said that the industry should receive a boost once the superfast LTE (Long Term Evolution) network is introduced.

He stated: "We're already seeing companies rolling out LTE networks in the US and Europe, but the UK is still 12-18 months away from this."