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News@10: Apple iBooks, Chatter & "The Pedagogical Advantages Of The iPad"

Apple has released iBooks, its e-book-reader software, and the iBookstore e-book shop for iPhone and iPod Touch users. The application comes as a part of Apple's latest mobile operating system iOS 4.

Grenoble Ecole de Management, a French educational institution, has announced that they will be testing the "pedagogical advantages of the iPad" on 40 or so of their students from the beginning of September 2010 as part of their "innovation laboratory". has officially launched its new enterprise service social networking application named "Chatter" at its Cloudforce event. The company claims that Chatter will bring a 'Cloud 2' networking experience to the world of business.

A recent study conducted by price comparison website Broadband Expert has indicated at fall in mobile broadband subscriptions in the UK. Broadband Expert suggests that the reason for the drop is that the do not live up to users' expectations.

Licensed gaming and gambling companies in the UK will now be allowed to buy adverts on the country's most popular online video website, Youtube, for the first time. The adverts will be targeted at those who are 18 and over based on their profile data.