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Salesforce Launch Chatter At Cloudforce has officially launched its new enterprise service social networking application named "Chatter" at its Cloudforce event.

The company claims that Chatter will bring a 'Cloud 2' networking experience to the world of business, providing a mixture of social networking and collaboration features to create a brand new form of of enterprise service hosted in the cloud.

Chatter is designed to allow developers to easily incorporate social networking capabilities into their applications, and is aimed at being used on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Through Chatter, a user will be able to view and edit status updates and can also get real-time feeds from the cloud.

At the Cloudforce event, was very optimistic about the success of Chatter, claiming the application to be "the Facebook of enterprise".

Company representatives said: “To reach 50 million users, radio took 38 years. TV took 8 years. The Internet took 4 years. Facebook did it in 5 months. This is how the world is communicating. Someday the business world will too. Welcome to Someday."