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SAS snaffles up British outfit Memex

German software house SAS said it has bought up British outfit Memex for an undisclosed sum.

Memex makes intelligence management software designed to improve intelligence processes, enhance public safety, and prevent and deter crime, terrorism and other threats. The company has a strong presence in security markets and that's where SAS intends to carve out a global leadership position, according to the company's CEO Jim Goodnight.

"The Memex acquisition is a key element of our global initiative to enhance our law enforcement, criminal justice, homeland security and intelligence offerings," he said. "I want SAS to be the first company which public security organisations call to help them apply analytics to solve crime and protect citizens."

Ian Manocha, managing director, SAS UK and Ireland, who will now serve as Memex chairman, chipped in: "In many countries, the law enforcement, justice, homeland security and defence intelligence markets have been separate, each maintaining its own data. SAS is expanding its ability to share and use data more efficiently and effectively across local, national and global levels with an aim toward predicting and preventing crime."