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Abnormal service will be resumed in about an hour and three quarters - or less if we go 3-0 down in the first half.

15:15 Tell you what, fifteen minutes in and we're looking more like it already.

15:22 Ha! One nil! Jermain Defoe tap in. Wonder if Heskey would've missed it.

15:26 Tsk. Lampard woss he like? All he had to do was get it on target.

15:28 Their gander's up that's for sure. Even the singing's louder than the pesky vuvuzelas.

15:31 Dunno about you but I feel a lot more secure with James in goal.

15:33 Slovenia are seeing a bit of the ball. Free kick with about 7 red shirts along the 18 yard line. Phew! Weedy!

15:36 Best have a fag to go with the beer. Don't tell the missus I'm not going outside tho.

15:40 Milner's about 1/10th the player Joe Cole is - if that. Come on Fabbers see the light.

15:42 Dodgy old punch from James. We got away with it. One more goal before half time and we'll get about 5.

15:44 Defoe got an elbow in the head. He's not happy about it.

Half time. Not much overtime there. Pretty good performance so far. Milner you are the weakest link. Fingers crossed...

16:00 Here we go, here we go... Ah more beer. Just as Defoe nearly sniffs out another.

16:02 Johnson booked for getting an elbow in the ear. Interesting decision that.

16:04 Great move, ball in the net, ruled offside. Wasn't.

16:05 More nice football. Might've scored if Rooney had longer hair or bigger studs.

16:08 James hoofed it, Gerard lucked it, Rooney spunked it. Tsk.

16:11 Reckon Johnson and Milner should swap places.

16:12 Corner, Terry on the end of it. Close!

16:12 Argh Rooney hit the post! he was on his own. The pressure's on.

16:13 Anyone know how the septics are getting on?

16:16 Ah, two nil, if I inderstand the commentator properly.

16:17 Milner's having a bash. Good spot for a free kick..

16:18 Corner. Two of 'em. Nowt.

16:19 Crowd chips in with Rule Britannia. Nice!

16:20 Little reminder there that one nil's not enough.

16:22 Blimey three Slovene shots in quick succession. We need a goal.

16:24 Time for Joe Cole, methinks.

16:25 Yep, Looks like Fabio's reading this :)

16:26 Urk! For Rooney?

16:28 That's torn it. They don't know what to do without him.

16:31 Bloke marking Defoe is six-foot 3. Crouch'll be on soon.

16:33 We're still finding our feet. Best have another fag.

16:35 If Slovenia score now Fabio won't get out alive.

16:38 Milner's messed up again. Maybe I need a pair of Fabio's glasses.

16:40 Not Crouch, Heskey. Gor blimey! (for Defoe).

16:41 Looking better already.

16:43 Desperate defending, sheesh, we got away with it. Capello's going bananas.

16:45 Blimey. Have the septics scored 4?

16:46 W'e're hanging on in an embarrassing fashion. Those corner-flag shenanigans..

16:48 Well, we hung on. Final score one nil. Ground it out in the end when we should've cruised it. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.