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Skype Launches Software Kit for Developers

Skype has released a new software development kit that will help gadget makers install Skype on new mobile devices they are developing.

SkypeKit provides electronics manufacturers with programming tools that will enable them to embed Skype features for video and voice calls and IMs into devices ranging from desktops to web-enabled televisions and smartphones.

A beta version of the kit is available for download now as a part of the SkypeKit Program. So far, the software developer kit is available by invitation only, but developers around the world can request an invitation.

SkypeKit is currently available for developers creating software for the Linux operating system.

The company plans to release versions for developers of Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows software within a few weeks, Skype announced on its official website.

"We have literally hundreds of new products coming at us every year and there are far too many opportunities for Skype to take advantage of," said Skype CEO, Josh Silverman.