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Tesco Publishes iPhone 4 Tariffs

Grocery giant Tesco has finally unveiled its iPhone 4 tariffs a few hours before the phone is officially launched in the UK and by the looks of it, it is possibly the best one as well.

Tesco Mobile is backed by O2 which means that users should be able to use O2 microSIM/SIM in any TM handsets but Tesco also adds Triple credit and Triple clubcard points in the balance as well.

The cheaper iPhone 4 on PAYG will cost £479 while the 32GB version adds £90 to the cost. In both cases, uses get 1GB per month of data for 12 months and unlimited BT Openzone Wi-Fi access.

Tesco is also offering the phone on two 12-months contract worth £20 and £35 per month respectively although, customers will have to fork at least £229 for an iPhone 4, which makes the deal slightly more expensive.

In all cases, you get 1000 bonus points, unlimited Wi-Fi and texts and 1GB per month worth of data which compares very well with the rest of the competition.

£20 buys you 250 minutes, £35 extends it to 750 minutes and £45 (over two years) pushes it to "unlimited minutes" with a fair usage policy restriction. In the later case, you will have to fork out £19 to buy the 16GB iPhone 4.

The deal however has yet to go live on Tesco Mobile's website.