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Wii update wipes out Homebrew Channel

The latest update to Nintendo's Wii console gets rid of that pesky Homebrew Channel, and nothing else at all according to those in the know.

The Homebrew Channel allows Wii fans to play games not approved by the tot-friendly gaming giant, and also allows games to be backed up to a hard drive in order to prevent those nasty peanut-butter-on-the-disk accidents with which anyone with kids will be familiar.

It also lets people willing to have a footle about with the console's digital innards to play pirated games, which is why Nintendo is so keen to wipe it out.

The company says that there are "behind the scenes enhancements" which will improve performance but the general consensus is that the update is all about kicking out the pirates.

One to skip if Homebrew is your thing. Until the crackers come up with a new back door, of course. Won't be long.