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Antenna Troubles Mar iPhone 4 Launch

Some early iPhone 4 users are reporting that the device has some serious issues with receiving and placing calls due to bad reception, particularly when the smartphone is being held.

Videos posted on Youtube show that holding the iPhone 4 or making contact with the outside antenna - which is the stainless steel bezel - causes the handset's signal to drop significantly only to go back when it is laid down.

An irate iPhone 4 customer told the BBC that the phone is currently "useless" in its current case, pointing to the fact that the phone has an antenna on the bottom left and that it you hold it with your left hand, the signal bars will slowly disappear.

Ironically, the stainless steel inner frame was supposed to address the very flaws that seems to be plaguing the phone. Converting the phone into an antenna should have prevented continued dropped calls and lack of reception.

Famefoundry has posted a number of videos that depict the phenomenon and on the AT&T network. The most popular of the lot has managed to attract nearly 300,000 views. Singularly, he hold the phone by the glasses and the signals did not drop.

There are already reports of defective displays with the capacitive touchscreen apparently sporting yellow spots, something that affected high end iMac computers earlier this year.