ATI Launches Server Graphics Cards Aimed At New Markets

Chip maker AMD has upgraded its ATI FireSteam server graphics cards.

The upgraded cards are set to provide improved graphical performance and come with double the memory of their predecessors.

The new GPU cards, the double-slot FireStream 9370 card and single-slot FireStream 9350, have replaced the fan-based cooling system used by previous models with self-contained heatsinks, in a bid to make it easier for server vendors to integrate the cards into their systems.

“What we’re doing with the server integration of these boards is working with both server OEMs and system integrators, to wind up with good, strong integrated solutions,” said Patricia Harrell, director of stream computing at AMD.

The cards are the latest development of AMD's Stream platform, which the company launched launched last year with its ATI Radeon HD 5870 GPU.

The new models are aimed at taking Stream beyond traditional computing environments and into newer, bigger markets including financial analysis, geological modelling and physics simulations.