Aussies could be forced to install AV software

A year-long enquiry conducted into cyber crime by the Australian Government has concluded that people should be forced to install anti virus software.

In a move which might seem like punishing a patient because someone had deliberately infected them with a nasty disease, the Aussie Government has once again proved it wouldn't know technology if it jumped out of the dunny and gave them a nasty nip in the goolies.

The proposal would make it mandatory for any Internet-connected device to have approved AV software installed. Anyone who didn't comply, and ended up with a malicious infection, would have their connection restricted, or even cut off.

The enquiry heard that 'cyber' crime had cost the Australian economy some 650 million Aussie dollars (3p) a year and had grown "from the nuisance of the cyber smart hacker into an organised transnational crime committed for vast profit and often with devastating consequences for its victims."

Mind you, not all of the committee's 34 recommendations were entirely daft. It also suggested that the country should create an around-the-clock cyber crime helpline, and force companies which release products with security vulnerabilities to compensate consumers who lose out financially because of the flaws.