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Bing Woos Users With Music, Video and Games

Microsoft has added music, video and games features to its popular Bing search engine, adding fuel to its ongoing search war with Google.

The company explained that the new features introduced on Bing were designed to make the search engine more media-centric.

As a result of the update, users searching for songs or artists will not only get lyrics but also photos, videos and even tour dates for their favourite bands.

Bing users will be also able to stream over 5 million songs, watch TV and play games without having to leave the website.

The search engine's new gaming section will allow users to play over 100 popular casual games developed by Microsoft's games division.

The company says it has incorporated social features into the games, allowing users to invite social networking friends to play from within the games they are playing.

By adding these new features to Bing, Microsoft's search engine could make further in-roads into Google's share of the search market.