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Could 3 UK Have The Best iPhone 4 Tariff Yet?

3 UK announced its plans for the new iPhone 4 earlier today and the network is taking a calculated risk by offering 24 months contracts rather than a mix of 18 & 24 months ones or, like Tesco, introduce a 12 month plan.

Instead, 3 UK appears to be betting on punters looking for decent amounts of texts, minutes and data, something that entry level plans of rivals like O2 or Vodafone sorely lack.

All in all, the £30 plan itself offers plenty; 500 minutes, 5000 texts, 5000 3-to-3 minutes, 1GB data plus an up-front cost of £99, which brings the TCO of the deal to £819 and while it is not the cheapest overall, it is by far the most affordable when calculated on a monthly basis, at only £34.13.

However, existing customers that are not at the end of their contracts will need to wait till 3 UK sorts out its existing options. In the meantime, interested parties can register their interest here.

And there's more bad news as 3 UK won't offer free Skype and Windows Live Messenger on the new iPhone, something that it had historically offered to compatible handsets.

You will be able to download both Skype and Windows Live messenger apps from the App store for the iPhone but using them will eat away your data allowance.