Nokia Cuts Cost of Developing Ovi Apps

Mobile phone maker Nokia aims to make its Ovi application platform more attractive to developers by dropping the cost of developer licences to €50 and approving applications for free.

Nokia has also announced that it will be reducing the signing period for applications to two weeks, making the platform more comfortable for the developers and individuals looking to publish their applications on the Ovi Store.

Mobile tech blog All About Symbian reports that developers had previously been required to spend $200 on a 'Publisher's ID', and an additional $10 to get each application signed by Nokia.

The company has also released a new software developer kit, the Qt developers kit, which will allow developers to create applications for Nokia's Symbian and MeeGo platforms.

The kit includes tools for creating, developing, testing, packaging and deploying Qt applications, and is available for both Windows and Linux as well as a beta version for Mac OS X 10.6.

The Qt developers kit is available for download here.