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Scythe unveils USB footswitches

The PC cooling aficionados at Scythe have just come up with a new set of controllers that enable you to control your PC with your feet.

The new range of USB footswitches are available in planks of one, two and three switches, looking like the bastard offspring of rock guitarist's homemade effects board and a set of car pedals.

It goes without saying that the controllers are potentially ideal for racing games, giving you a clutch, brake and accelerator pedal in one unit. However, given the low price, we assume the pedals are digital on/off switches, rather than variable analogue switches, so they won't have quite the same feel as real car pedals.

The footswitches aren't necessarily just for gamers, though. Scythe's software enables you to assign a switch to act as any key, giving you a quick shortcut to any software features without having to touch the keyboard. Potentially, this could be useful for apps that mostly involve using the mouse, such as photo-editing apps.

All of the switches are supplied with a 1.8m cable, and Scythe says they work with Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000. According to Scythe, you don't need any drivers to install the footswitches either, although there are obvious benefits to installing Scythe's software if you want to get full control over them.

Scythe says the footswitches are available in Europe now, and will cost €19.90 (£16.32) for a single-switch, €28.50 (£23.37) for a double-switch and €32.50 (£26.65) for the triple-pedal board (all prices exclude VAT). Scythe says the foot pedals each have a million switches in them before they switch off for good.