YouTube And RumbleFish Launch Friendly Music

Video sharing platform YouTube and music licensing store Rumble Fish have partnered to launch Friendly Music.

Friendly Music is an online music store that allows users to buy tracks at $1.99 per track.

The website will go live on June 29 with a catalogue of more than 35,000 songs.

Friendly Music's online store will initially include tracks from independent music artists, including Kool Keith and Face to Face. New tracks from more famous and established artists will be added to it daily.

According to Paul Anthony, CEO and founder of Rumble Fish, users can browse through playlists by keyword, genre, or even the mood the song conveys.

Tracks on Friendly Music come from Rumble Fish's current catalogue of licensed music, which is already used in several films, television, video games and used for commercial purposes by companies including Ubisoft, Adidas and MTV.

According to Glenn Brown, head of YouTube's music collaborations, Friendly Music will exist independently, but Google will promote the service across its entire user base.