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Aberdeen 'Horse Boy' Becomes Internet Sensation

A man dressed in a purple jumper and black jeans, and wearing a horse mask has become the latest internet sensation after being photographed by a Google Street View car gathering data in Aberdeen.

BBC News (opens in new tab) reported that the picture was posted online as a part of by Google's Street View service. News of the pictures spread virally, turning the so-called 'horse boy' into the latest Internet sensation.

Web users from all parts of Europe have sent e-mails to the BBC, saying that they know who horse boy really is.

Russell Moffatt, an IT manager saw the man donning the horse mask while he was searching for an optician's shop in Hardgate, Aberdeen.

Moffatt said he is trying to discover the man with the help of friends on Twitter.

“I bet he’s been quietly smiling to himself ever since, waiting to be discovered.”, he wrote on Twitter.

The BBC says the story has received more than 800,000 hits since publication.