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Benefits of Programming in Visual C++ .NET

Microsoft Visual C++ (VC++) is a programming environment used to develop applications for Microsoft Windows and the World Wide Web.

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VC++ has lots of flexibility and power but in turn, it requires more time to learn. VC++ is a .NET-compliant language that executes via the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which defines the execution environment for the programs.

Microsoft .NET framework is a software framework that provides a large collection of coded assemblies that developers can use for solving common programming problems.

Below are out top 10 benefits of programming in VC++ .NET

1. VC++ has the ability to mix managed code (code that executes with the CLR) with unmanaged code (code that does not execute with CLR) in C++.

2. VC++ is a native development language that interacts directly with the hardware without any intervening layers, which makes its speed of execution fast.

3. VC++ applications consume minimal resources, and hence the size of the application is smaller than those created using other .NET compliant languages. Memory usage is also very low.

4. VC++ is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute)-compliant language, which means you can port VC++ applications onto other platforms.

5. Using the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library makes it easy to create multi-platform applications. MFC is an application framework that wraps C/C++ applications to work on any operating system.

6. For programming Component Based Model (COM) objects, VC++ provides an Active Template Library. This enables developers to develop a variety of COM objects and ActiveX controls.

7. The VC++ compiler supports Lambda expressions. Lambda functions have a function body, but no name. This combines the best features of function pointers and function objects.

8. The new Common Language Runtime (CLR) option /clr:nostdlib allows developers to exclude the default .NET libraries, so that a developer can use a specified version of a specific assembly.

9. VC++ features a new Profile-Guided Optimization option, PogoSafeMode. This option allows the use of 'safe' mode or 'fast' mode when a developer optimises the application. Safe mode is thread-safe and is slower than fast mode.

10. Concurrency Runtime Framework is a software framework for programming concurrent applications in VC++. It supports applications and components that run at the same time.

Although .NET has introduced many new programming languages that are easier to learn and program, no language interacts with hardware as profoundly as VC++ does. VC++ inherits the features from C++, one of the greatest languages ever developed. The ease of programming offered by the Integrated Development Environment is a bonus for a VC++ developer.

In short, if you want high speed, low application size and great performance the VC++ is the best option. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.