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Google Remotely Pulls Apps From Android Phones

Search giant Google has announced in a blog post that it has remotely uninstalled two applications from Android phones as they did not comply with its Android Market terms and conditions.

Rich Cannings, Android Security Lead, explained that the two applications, which were developed by a security researcher for 'research purposes', were remotely removed from users' phones as they were virtually useless.

It is still not clear why Google chose to disclose that it had removed the applications, but experts believe that the company is aiming to demonstrate the level of security offered by its Android platform's enhanced application removal system, which can be used to remotely uninstall any application that poses a threat to user security.

Cannings explained: “The remote application removal feature is one of many security controls Android possesses to help protect users from malicious applications.”

Google's announcement comes after a report from security company SMobile claimed that malicious apps were available from Google's Android Market that would threaten user security.