Hulu Set To Hit The PlayStation Network

Sony is on the verge of signing up Hulu to provide pay-to-stream video services to PlayStation 3 users via the company's PlayStation Network.

Citing two sources acquainted with the talks, Bloomberg reports that a partnership between the two companies could be announced as early as next week.

The deal would give the paid-for video provider a broader customer base, tapping into the popularity of Sony's PS3 console. It would also make the service more widely available on television sets.

PlayStation 3 users will be able to access Hulu services via Sony's web-based PlayStation Network platform, from which they will be able to subscribe to on-demand TV shows from ABC, Fox and NBC.

Hulu, which is also working on making its services available on Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console, is in talks with major US production houses including Viacom, CBS and Time Warner, to add their television shows to its subscription service.