IBM Sues Exec For Defecting To Oracle

IBM has taken legal against former employee Joanne Olsen to prevent her from taking up a job with rival company Oracle.

Oracle wooed Olsen, previously general manager of IBM's services division, away from IBM after 31 years with the company . Competition between the two companies has intensified recently, following Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems earlier this year.

If Olsen is allowed to join Oracle, she will become the senior vice president of on-demand services.

IBM claims that Olsen has violated the terms of an anti-competition agreement she signed in 2009, forbidding her from taking a job in a rival company for at least one year after leaving the company.

Doug Shelton, an IBM spokesperson, said: “Joanne Olsen possesses valuable confidential information about IBM and our operations. As a result, she cannot undertake a senior position at Oracle without violating her obligations to IBM.”

The case has been filed by IBM in the New York State Supreme Court, County of Westchester.