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iPhone 4 unboxing video

Missed out on the first wave of the iPhone 4? Fear not... we went and stood in the queue for you, waited patiently until we got home to have a first peek in the box, and filmed the whole thing for your viewing pleasure.

Having reserved our iPhone 4 on the first day of pre-orders, we were feeling quite smug as we strode up to the door of the Milton Keynes Apple Store.

Look at all of those idiots in the queue! Fancy just turning up on launch day and expecting to be able to get the hottest gadget in town without reserving one. We have to confess to a slight feeling of that special brand of smugness reserved for Apple early adopters the world over.

As it turns out our smugness was short lived. It soon became apparent that the entire queue of around 100 people had also made reservations. We thought we were being really clever arriving at just past four in the afternoon. Long enough after the morning and lunchtime rushes for the lines to have died down. Too early for most people to get out of work. Wrong again. Everyone else in the long, snaking queue had had the same idea.

According to one particularly harrassed-looking Apple blackshirt, the lines had been like this, or worse, since 5.30am.

Every now and then a smiling blue-shirted Apple floor monkey would emerge grinning from the glass and aluminium temple of St Eve of Jobs, pluck a blinking Macolyte from the ever-expanding line, and lead him by the hand into the promised land of iPhone Nirvana.

This went on for a little over two hours until we were at the head of the queue. By this time We were hot, tired, thirsty and bursting for a pee. There were no handshakes, no whoops, just exhausted resignation that the Apple employee would have to ask the same tired questions of yet another miserable punter who'd been forced to listen to interminable dance music being constantly belched from the clothing shop opposite the queue.

Twenty minutes later, the contract sign-up process is over and we are clutching an iPhone 4 box in our sweaty mitts. Embarrassingly for Apple and its employees, that process was carried out using Microsoft Internet Explorer running in Parallels Windows. Oh the shame.

Anyway... here's a lovely video of iPhone 4 being debagged. Enjoy! monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.