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iPhone App makers rush out iOS4 updates

iPhone App coders are furiously beavering away to get updated apps on to iTunes as iPhone fans get to grips with iOS4 and the latest handset from the Cupertino company.

With a baziliion Apps out in the wild, developers seem to be seeding new iterations of existing apps, either to iron out bugs or add new functionality, with our office iPhone 4 groaning under the strain of 15 updated titles in the last hour alone.

Recently updated Apps include Twitter, EyeTV and Kindle among the big hitters.

The worst glitch we have seen so far is with Sat Nav package Co-Pilot which currently looks something like this:

The iPhone 4's new Retina Display is good... but not that good!

We don't have a huge amount of Apps installed, so we'd be interested to hear how many you have had to update since iOS4 hit the ground running. Let us know in the comments below.

The reader with the largest amount of updates will win a big bowl of kudos and our eternal gratitude.