Leading Execs Switch Roles At Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that two leading executives are to switch roles as part of a reshuffle in its Worldwide Partners group.

Allison Watson, the corporate vice president of Microsoft Partners Group, becomes corporate vice president for business and marketing, reporting directly to Robert Youngjohns, senior vice president of North America sales and marketing.

Jon Roskill, previously the corporate vice president of the business and marketing, becomes corporate vice president for the Worldwide Partners Group, answering to Vahé Torossian, corporate vice president of the worldwide small and midmarket solutions and partners group

Kevin Turner, the chief operating officer at Microsoft, said: “Microsoft is focused on building and maintaining a strong and dynamic management team. A key part of that focus is being deliberate about how we move talent across the company and making sure we offer a diverse set of experiences for our executives.”

He added: "Both Allison and Jon have a long history working in multiple divisions throughout Microsoft, and I’m excited that they have both agreed to tackle and take on new challenges in their new roles."

Both Roskill and Watson are scheduled to speak at Microsoft's Worldwide Partners Conference in July.