Majority of iPhone 4 Sales Were Upgrades Says Report

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster, Apple's most quoted research analysts, published a report saying that 77 per cent of iPhone sales were upgrades, a clear indication that, indeed, fans of the Cupertino-based company flocked to buy the latest smartphone.

An article published by Fortune reports that 608 iPhone 4 buyers were interviewed in San Francisco, Minneapolis and New York and the high figure contrasts with the 56 per cent of upgrades reported in 2009 and 38 per cent in 2008.

In addition, only a sixth of buyers are thinking of switching carriers to AT&T, the exclusive iPhone seller in the US. This however could significantly rise if the number of SIM Free iPhone 4 grey imports shots up. Apple is unlikely to release an unlocked iPhone 4 in the US.

More than half lined up to purchase the 32GB model, up 43 percent from last year, which indicates that Apple will have a much higher average revenue per unit sold.

Another interesting stats is that more than a quarter of those surveyed already had an iPad and 39 per cent of those who didn't said they will be getting one by this time next year.

Impressively, nine out of 10 respondents says tha tthey are buying the new iPhone because of new features, up from 88 and 85 per cent for the previous years.