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News@10: Nokia Cuts Cost Of Ovi Apps & 160,000 Android Smartphones Activated Each Day

Mobile phone maker Nokia aims to make its Ovi application platform more attractive to developers by dropping the cost of developer licences to €50 and approving applications for free.

Andy Rubin, the VP in charge of the mobile segment at Google, announced that 160,000 Android smartphones are being activated everyday and that's an increase of 60 per cent compared to May when that figure was pegged at 100,000.

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has opened a debate on the concept of 'Net neutrality' in the UK. Net neutrality is name given to the concept that all data carried by broadband connections should be treated equally.

Social networking website Facebook has been accused of blocking the importing capability of Twitter's Facebook app which allows users to find which of your friends are on Facebook.

Microsoft has announced that it has sold 150 million licences for its Windows 7 operating system. The company calculates that seven copies of Windows 7 are being sold every second, making it the fastest selling operating system in history.