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Steam slashes prices for summer

The sun might be doing its best to lure you outside of the house, but Valve is attempting to coax you back in front of your PC by slashing the prices of loads of games on Steam this week.

From today until Sunday 4 July, there are a whole load of offers on the digital download site. This includes 66 per cent off all Atari games, including Ghostbusters and The Witcher, as well as 33 per cent off all Ubisoft games, including various Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell titles.

Quite a few game bundles have also had the cut-me-own-throat treatment. You can now get the Star Wars collection, which contains every Star Wars game on Steam except the Lego ones, for just £52.99, saving you 53 per cent of the original cost.

Similarly, you can also get a massive 66 per cent off 2K complete pack, which contains loads of 2K games including the Bioshock, Civilization and Borderlands games. This pack can now be yours for just £69.99.

There's 50 per cent off the THQ complete pack as well, meaning you can get your digital mitts on the Dawn of War and Company of Heroes games, not to mention Metro 2033, for just £26.49. There's also a Call of Duty collection going for £21.99, which saves you 76 per cent off the individual game prices, although it doesn't include Modern Warfare 2.

Plus, if that's not enough for you, Valve has even bunged some of its own wares in the bargain bin. The complete Valve pack includes all the Half-Life, Left4Dead, Team Fortress and Counter-Strike games, and it costs £33.50.

In addition to these deals, Valve is also offering a few daily offers. Today, you can get 75 per cent off Colin McRae DiRT 2, and 50 per cent off Bioshock 2.

However, while the big percentage reductions look pretty impressive compared to the retail price, they're not always that generous if you shop around. For example, you can pick up Bioshock 2 from Amazon (opens in new tab) for £8.99, which is still a quid cheaper than Valve's special offer price. Similarly, Colin McRae DiRT 2 costs £7.99 on Amazon (opens in new tab), which isn't far off the £7.50 offer price.

Either way, keep your eyes on Steam over the next week, as there are likely to be some more great offers on games. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.