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Truphone Updates VoIP Client For Apple iOS4 & iPhone 4

With Skype already announcing that it will be charging for 3G VoIP calls, Truphone has released an updated version of its own VoIP client that will allow consumers to place and receive calls over 3G networks as part of their data package.

This means that they will be able to make calls even when out of Wi-Fi range. The new client is also compatible with Apple's multi-tasking functionality, present only in the iOS 4 and this means that Truphone will be able to run data and voice simultaneously.

In addition, Truphone users will be able to communicate with other users, either on Truphone or on many of the most popular social networking websites like Facebook, Skype, AIM, GoogleTalk, MSN and Yahoo! and users will also be able to use the client as a dedicated Twitter client.

The client also offers the possibility to make low cost international calls by bypassing your default mobile network operator's service plus you will be able to send SMS from within the app. Truphone's application is already available to download on iTunes.

Interestingly, calls to UK landlines from Truphone are extremely affordable at 3p while you would probably be better off with your PAYG smartphone.