Google updates Chrome, plumbs in Flash

Google has posted an update for its Chrome web browser to address a handful of security vulnerabilites. And, just to get up Steve Jobs' not-insubstantial hooter, the update also enables Flash 10.1 by default.

Chrome 5.0.375.86 supports Linux, Mac and Windows, and fixes five vulnerabilities in the browser, three which were rated as a 'High' security risks, the other two less risky, the firm said.

Users downloading the latest Chrome version will automatically get Adobe's Flash Player through the browser’s auto-update mechanism.

The three fixes classified as 'High' risk level include vulnerabilities in the Omnibox and video-handling bits of the browser. A 'stale pointer' error discovered by Secforce researcher Rodrigo Marcos, earned him a $500 reward under Google's paid vulnerability disclosure programme.

The two 'Medium' security patches fix a cross-site-scripting vulnerability in the browser and plug a hole in the its video handling component.

You can get at the latest version from this page.