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IBM Faces Further Anti-Trust Complaint Over Mainframes

IBM has received another complaint about its mainframe business - this time from Neon Enterprise Software.

Neon Enterprise Software, which develops software aimed at mainframe users, plans to complain to the European Commission over accusations that IBM indulged in anti-competitive practices aimed at scaring customers away from the company's software. The company has not yet specified exactly when it would make the complaint.

IBM already faces three separate mainframe-related complaints, made to the European watchdog by TurboHercules, PSI and T3 Technologies.

IBM spokesman Steve Eisenstadt said he was not aware of any new complaint being lodged against the company, adding: "IBM strongly believes Neon's product offers no innovation.”

Eisenstadt maintained that "copycat companies" were looking to benefit from the billions of dollars the company has invested in mainframe technology by creating duplicate software that breached IBM's intellectual property.

The company hinted that it would take all action neceessary to protect its investments.