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BBC iPlayer Now Available On Android

BBC's popular iPlayer catchup service is now available on Android albeit on the latest version, Froyo or v2.2, as it can support Flash 10.1, one which is only supported by the latest smartphones on the market.

The service is actually an optimised version of the mobile iPlayer website which works on the Web-kit based Chrome browser. Beeb has modified the user interface by making it easier to use on a touchscreen device.

BBC notes that viewers will need to have a rather powerful smartphone do display the video streams, as well as a fast wireless internet access, which means that it is preferable to use Wi-Fi because of the amount of data to be transferred at the rate of 400kbps.

However, there are reports about users who have been able to access the site both on Wi-Fi and on 3G. The BBC has yet to release dedicated BBC phone applications due to a current standoff with the BBC Trust over the impact it could have on the competition.

The only major platform that has yet to be a BBC host is the Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console, mainly apparently the software giant want to charge for the streaming service while BBC says that it should be free.

Désiré Athow

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