Ebay Stricter About Apple iPhone 4 Sales

With a bigger number of buyers and sellers now turning to Ebay to acquiring or flogging Apple's iPhone 4, the auction giant has issued a statement on Thursday to make it clear that it wants to police the sale of the iPhone 4 on the site to prevent any potential abuse.

Ebay published a listing policy clarifications about the Apple iPhone 4 sales, saying that most sellers will be allowed to list an apple iPhone 4 albeit in limited quantities.

Only authorised resellers will be able to list an unlimited number of items per week while top-rated sellers and those with a history of selling in the "mobile and home phone" category will be allowed to sell up to eight iPhone per week.

In addition, they will all have to use Paypal as their only method of payment in order to offer an end-to-end protection both to the seller and to the buyer. We reported mid-june how dozens of iPhone 4 were offered for sale even if the item hadn't gone on sale.

One Ebayer even managed to sell out an iPhone 4 for £995, earning himself a cosy £396 per unit. There are currently 570 iPhone 4 on Ebay Uk with the cheapest iPhone 4 costing £615 and the most expensive a rather opportunistic £1499, more than twice the buying price.