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National UK Newspaper Spreads Fake iPhone 4 Recall Rumour

Brit Newspaper, the Daily Mail, has fallen victim to the infamous Fake Steve Jobs after the latter twittered on his ceoSteveJobs account early this morning that Apple may have to recall the new iPhone 4 before adding that "this, I did not expect".

While the page has been swiftly taken down by the Dailymail, the most popular news website in the UK after the BBC, the actual article still is live on thisismoney, which is a sister site to DM and part of the same publishing empire.

This follows a number of concerns over technical issues reported by early users of the iPhone 4, which has a starting price of £499.

We've already heard about problems linked with the device's antenna, its apparent unsuitability for left-handed people as well as issues linked with the device's display.

While the recall (or even rumours of it) is very unlikely to happen, there have been signs of nervousness amongst Apple shareholders.

On Friday, Apple's shares unexpectedly slipped by 0.86 percent to $266.70 while the rest of the US technology sector and the NASDAQ fared better.

The unknown figure behind the Twitter account has more than 100,000 followers on the microblogging website and is clearly advertised as a parody account by its owner. The real Steve Jobs does not have a Twitter or a Facebook one.

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