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Acer outs GTX470-powered gaming rig

Acer has announced an addition to its Predator gaming PC range in the form of the AG7750-U2222.

The 'Monster machine' comes with Acer's familar sci-fi styling complete with an utterly unnecessary but rather cool drop-down faceplate and a striking orange and black paint job.

The rig comes with a single Nvidia GeForce GTX470 built in, but you can easily add another two for some three-way SLI action, combining CUDA, DX11 and PhysX, if that sort of thing floats your boat.

Inside the crisp candy shell you'll find an Intel Core i7 930 4.01 GHz quad-core processor which can be boosted by 133 MHz if it needs a bit of extra oomph, but allows near zero power consumption if some or all of its cores are sitting around doing nothing.

The kit comes with one 1.5TB hot-swappable hard drive and there are empty cages just waiting for you to cram it full of up to 8TB or storage. You will, of course, have to bin the original drive to get maxed out which kind of begs the question, why didn't Acer just bung a 2TB spinner in in the first place?

High definition 7.1 audio will keep your ears busy and might just cover up the sound of of the twin-pipe cooling system if you're lucky.

In the worst bit of marketing hokum we've seen for quite some time, Acer says, "Gamers who want to ensure their PC remains on the cutting edge will be pleased to know the Aspire Predator AG7750 is highly scalable, allowing integration of many advanced components and gaming peripherals, such as joysticks, steering wheels and foot pedals."

We'll translate. It has 11 USB ports. Six on the back and five on the front.

Other porty goodness includes: a multi-card reader, an optical drive and an empty 5.25-inch optical drive bay and a bunch of open PCI Express slots, including two PCI Express x16, two PCI Express x1, one PCI Express x8 and a standard PCI.

It also has two eSATA ports, two Ethernet ports, two DVI-D ports (up to six with three graphics cards), a TV-out port, six audio jacks and various others.

You'll need $2,000 to buy into a base model, or a massive trust fund if you want to load it up with all of the available goodies. It's in the shops now. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.