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Blu-ray disks beef up to 128GB capacity

The Blu-ray Disk Association has done a spot of research into boosting the capacity of Blu-ray disks and will now license the technology to manufacturers.

The snappily-entitled BDXL specification details specs for triple-layer 100GB RE (rewritable) and R (write-once) discs and super-dense quadruple-layer 128GB R discs.

Extra capacity is always handy and the Association reckons HD content and the like will find a home on the supersize disks.

"The BDA worked diligently to create an extension of the Blu-ray Disc format that leverages the physical structure of the design of the disc to create even more storage capacity," said BDA big cheese Victor Matsuda. "By using the existing Blu-ray technologies, we have created a long-term and stable solution for archiving large amounts of sensitive data, video and graphic images. We expect further growth of the Blu-ray Disc market as the introduction of 100GB/128GB discs will expand the application of Blu-ray Disc technologies."

It will take manufacturers a while to get up to speed with the new spec, but it's not too hopeful to expect to see first fruits before the end of the year.