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A Comparison of JavaScript and VBScript

Many developers use JavaScript and VBScript to fudge HTML and DHTML content. Netscape created JavaScript for Navigator 2.x in order to make web pages more interactive.

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It's a simple, cross-platform programming language that has object-oriented capabilities which can be written straight into HTML documents.

In the simplest terms, VBScript is a simplified version of Visual Basic. Microsoft developed it to deal with the static nature of HTML documents and other scripting languages.

JavaScript is often used to set and read cookies, display ads on various websites, shopping carts, and login systems. VBScript is used in embedded applications, and human machine interfaces. Here is a brief summary of the difference in features and capabilities between JavaScript and VBScript:

JavaScript makes greater use of objects than VBScript. JavaScript allows for the definition of classes for the subsequent creation of objects. To define a class, you create a function that specifies the class name and the class's properties and methods.

For example, the following code defines a class called MyClass, having three different properties:

function MyClass (name, height, weight)





VBScript has certain limitations, as it doesn't provide support for object creation or user-defined classes. Learning VBScript helps developers to learn Visual Basic for Applications. JavaScript possesses some similarities to C++, but is still a comparatively new language. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.