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Flash Integrated Into Google Chrome

Google has integrated Adobe's Flash player into its new Google Chrome web browser.

Chrome 5.0.375.86 is now available to download for Linux, Windows and Mac systems. It's the first time that Flash has been incorporated directly into the full-release version of the Chrome browser itself. Flash was earlier used in beta versions, but had to be downloaded as a separate plug-in.

The Google Chrome blog states that the software is now "enabled by default" in the new browser.

The new version of Google chrome also has fixed several security bugs, including two relating to video handling.

Flash player, widely used for playing games and streaming video on the internet, has recently faced criticism from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Jobs called the software a security risk, as well as blaming it for web browser crashes and other user interface problems. He banned the software from Apple devices, after accusing Flash of causing irregular behaviour in the company's computers.