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Google rumoured to be planning Facebook-alike

A tweet from Digg founder Kevin Rose suggests that Google is planning to take on Facebook with its own vanity service, which may or may not be called Google Me.

Rose twitted: "Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch facebook competitor very soon 'Google Me', very credible source".

Rose likes his rumourmongering, but with Google sticking its fingers in as many pies as it can possibly reach, it would be no surprise if the king of the snoops were to have another stab a Facebook. It's Buzz idea might have been aimed at the all-conquering Farcebook, when Google attempted to turn all its Gmail users into one big happy family. Mostly we told it to bog off.

Google knows more about you than any other company on the Interweb, unless you're daft enough to use FaceBook, of course.

Whether Google Me turns out to be anything other than a figment of Rose's incredible source's imagination remains to be seen.