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iOS4 upgrade could fix iPhone 4 case woes

iPhone 4 early adopters who have reported dropped carrier signals caused by an apparent fault in the handset's design could get a fix as early as today according to rumours doing the rounds of Apple forums.

The problem, which is caused by shorting out the two antennas built into the stainless steel rim of Apple's latest incarnation of the Hol(e)y Handset, could be fixed with an update as early as today, if the chatter is to be believed.

Apple has denied that there is a design fault, saying that people are simply holding the phone in the wrong way.

Now it turns out that it's not just the iPhone 4 having problems holding onto those all-important bars, with 3Gs owners reporting similair degradation of service since upgrading to iOS4.

Apple's tech support forums were, according to Apple Insider, full of specualtion about a firmware upgrade which could resolve the issue over the weekend. The Forum thread appears to have been deleted by Apple moderators no doubt keen to keep the bad publicity on its own servers to a minimum.

Some wags have pointed out that putting your thumb over the speaker makes the sound worse, and covering the screen with your palm makes the text harder to read. They have a point.

The screen don't work proper when I holds it like this.