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iPhone 4 Reception Issue Fixed Using Sticky Tape

An iPhone 4 user has found a way to solve the recently reported problems with the device's reception - using sticky tape.

Tech news site PC World (opens in new tab) had reported that due to an antenna design flaw on the new iPhone, the device struggled to maintain signal when its bottom left corner is held against the user's palm - the way many left-handers do.

YouTube user 'chedacheese' gave a video demonstration showing how he'd managed to fix the problem by applying sticky tape to the bottom corners of the phone, covering the black strip on each side of the phone.

In his video, 'Chedacheese' said: “I have used some Scotch Tape to hold onto the sides here, and it actually keeps the signal bars steady. We've got full signal strength here. We are holding the device in its normal spots, and it is keeping the signal bars pretty steady. It's pretty well taped on the sides. And no other place but on the sides.”

The problem also appears to be fixed by the neater - but considerably costlier - solution of purchasing a $29 rubber or plastic 'bumper', specially designed by Apple for the iPhone 4.