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News@10: New iPhone 4 Faults, No 3D PSP & Pakistan Montiors Blasphemous Websites

Shareholders of mobile device maker Palm have announced that they have accepted an acquisition offer from Hewlett-Packard. In a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the company said that the merger would be completed on the 1 July.

Sales of Apple's iPhone 4 may have already surged past the 1.5 million mark if a report by investment banking firm, Piper Jaffray, is to be believed.

Sony has said that it has no plans to launch a 3D version of its hand-held games console, PlayStation Portable. It was speculated that Sony will launch a 3D version of the PSP to rival Nintendo's 3DS, unveiled earlier this month at the E3 conference.

The government of Pakistan is monitoring seven major websites and has blocked 17 others for allegedly hosting blasphemous material, including include Google, Yahoo, MSN, YouTube, Amazon, Hotmail and Bing.

Apple's new iPhone 4 smartphone has been hit by an increasing number of problems according to reports from users of the device, which launched last week.