No Plans For 3D PSP Says Sony

Sony has said that it has no plans to launch a 3D version of its hand-held games console, PlayStation Portable.

It was speculated that Sony will launch a 3D version of the PSP to rival Nintendo's 3DS, unveiled earlier this month at the E3 conference.

Scott Rohde, Sony Worldwide Studios vice president, has made it clear that they do not intend to pursue any plans of a 3D handheld console similar to Nintendo 3DS.

Rohde said: “No, no plans for that. We just chose to focus on the big 3D in the home. It's important to us to push that out there and be on the bleeding edge of it.”

When asked about a potential PSP 2 device, he responded: "Its just not something were announcing right now. Its just as simple as that. Its all I can tell you."