Nokia Drops Symbian OS From N-Series Smartphones

Finnish phone maker Nokia has decided to stop using the Symbian operating system in its future high-end smartphones.

Instead, new Nokia N-series smartphones will come loaded with the Linux-based MeeGo mobile OS, the company has announced.

In an interview with Reuters, Nokia spokesperson Doug Dawson confirmed that the Nokia N8 smartphone will be the last N-series device to use the Symbian platform, but said that the OS would still be used in the company's portfolio of cheaper smartphones.

Dawson said: “Symbian is enabling us to bring smartphones to more and more people and ensures the benefits of scale for our solutions and services, and for developers.”

Nokia believes that by using MeeGo in its N-series smartphones, it will be able to compete against the likes of Google Android and the Apple iPhone in the fiercely competitive smartphone market.

The MeeGo smartphone OS is joint venture between Nokia and US-based chip maker Intel, developed by merging Nokia's Maemo platform with Intel's Moblin Linux-based software.