Wi-Fi Coming To London Transport

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced plans to make Wi-Fi internet connections available to the city's commuters.

Johnson made the announcement last week at the Greater London Authority's annual 'State of London' debate. He revealed that plans are being formulated to install Wi-Fi technology on underground station platforms, at bus stops and at street lights across the capital, turning them all into Wi-Fi hotspots.

Johnson stated: "The truth is, I'm on the side of progress if we can possibly do it. I think people want the facility of looking at their BlackBerries [on the Tube]".

The major hurdle to implementing the plan will be the cost: Wi-Fi technogy can be very expensive to install.

It is believed that the installations will be carried out in partnership with Wi-Fi service provider The Cloud, which is likely to cover part of the service costs by implementing a subscription charge.