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£109 Samsung WB500 Black Camera 12-megapixel camera

Samsung's stylish, compact WB500 is bulging with fantastic features, including an enormous 24-240mm zoom (35mm equivalent).

Its incredible Schneider-Kreuznach lens is supported by a dual digital and optical image stabiliser, which works to reduce the effects of trembling hands and insufficient lighting.

You'll be able to capture tiny details thanks to its 10.2-megapixel sensor, no matter whether you're shooting from close up or far away.

The WB500 is perfect for landscape photography and group shots. It has a top-quality video mode so you can film in high definition and enjoy strikingly realistic playback on any HD screen. The use of the H.264 codec means you might never have to use a memory card, even for large files, because files are stored in a compressed format that takes up much less space.

The WB500 also boasts a number of handy visual effects for editing photos and videos, such as black and white and sepia, as well as audio captions.

You can buy the Samsung WB500 Black Camera 12-megapixel camera for £109 from Pixmania.